Benefits of Adopting Techniques and Chemicals in Brick Manufacturing

CLC Bricks Manufacturing Process

CLC Bricks Manufacturing Process

The world which is developing by every passing second and technologies are kept on updating by every passing day. It becomes mandatory for all of us to update our self and adopt new techniques in form of machines or chemicals in construction process. As the industry has rapid growth so as the requirement of perfection increases and to make things perfect what’s better than chemicals and machineries which can shape your ways more innovatively and in a better way.

Here we are talking about bricks which are one of the most important parts of construction. Market is full with variety of bricks which people can pick according to their need & budgets here we will tell you how you can make bricks at you place with less efforts and money.

Firstly you have to decide whether you choose to make CLC blocks or simple cement bricks it is necessary to differentiate with your priorities because both concrete and cement have a slight difference which makes the bricks a bit different as well and affects the making procedure also.

If you are not much aware about the differences between concrete and cement we will help you out in finding out and understanding it as well.

While you want to understand the principal or basics of cement & concrete’s technology it is very necessary to understand its terminology first. Both concrete and cement are different from various expects but at so many places both of them are used interchangeably. While cement is a powder while concrete is hard and solid material. When cement mix with water and used on the exterior places it is known as stucco and I it the same paste is used in interior places known as plaster. However a harder one when mixed with air water and other things and forms a harder substance is called as concrete.

After discussing the differences now let us concentrate on how you can make pavers, tiles and bricks easily.

You can easily make these bricks and tiles at your place all what matters importantly is the temperature. The place where you suppose to manufacture bricks should be above from freezing point and the humidity present in air should be maintained otherwise it will affect the bricks and tiles directly or indirectly. It is necessary to mix foaming agent to make light weighted bricks. Once the concrete is mixed well in mixture add foaming agent for CLC block in it which is a kind o foam, it comes in powder form when mix with compressed air (through Foam Generator ) forms foam which mixes with concrete to form bricks.

Foaming agent for brick is a chemical which is easily available in market it has some useful qualities which makes the quality bricks differ from ordinary bricks. The main qualities which matters in any place is the sound proof and light weighed, bricks which are made by adding foaming agents in them have these two mentioned qualities which make them more valuable as compared to others.

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