Why Quality Bricks Are Necessary

Quality Bricks

LightWeight Bricks

Bricks! They are the major part of construction as the cement, concrete and sand has their specific roles so as bricks. They are majorly used for making walls and pillars inside the building of any residential apartment, bungalow or in public places like shopping complexes, malls, airport etc. As the places and structure of building differs the size and material of bricks also differ. In rural areas where still people are using bricks that are made up of sand and soil for making their huts in their village areas while in urban areas people start caring about their atmosphere and nature a lot so they prefer bricks that are eco friendly in nature or which does not cause any kind of harm affect to land, people and surroundings. As the old bricks are made up by sand and soil or you can say with the mixing of upper layer of land and water mix together and for a paste which put on wooden molds and put it for 1-2 week in direct sunlight and then they use it but eco friendly bricks which are using now days in urban area are made up with the chemical which is known through the term foaming agents. Through mixing fly ash particular amount of cement and exact amount of foaming agent in a mixing machine with compressed air a foamy better formed which after dying of 3-4 days in direct sunlight becomes ready to use.

Why usage of eco-friendly items become necessary:

Our atmospheric layer is damaging day by day and this does not happen within a blink from decades we all are damaging our protecting layer (the ozone layer) by one way or other. We are responsible for this drastic atmospheric damage which causes a major issue- global worming in our earth. Either by burning plastic or demolishing building and dumping its waste in rivers and lakes all this contributes in huge way for damaging or nature. Usage of plastic bags instead of paper bags, pouring chemical waste of industries in natural water resources, unwanted usage of electricity, wastage of natural resources like coal etc and the list go on and on it is never ending. Avoid wastage of natural resources, make such plant where chemicals and recycled and make new one from the waste by putting innovative ideas.

Buildings and industries are the vital sources which are polluting our nature use eco-friendly items while making building like light weight bricks & blocks which are made through foaming agent or follow the concept of green building so you can deliver your best contribution to nature. While for industries try to recycle each and everything, before manufacturing any chemical or any product plan a strategy and analyze which products you use while manufacturing can act as a good agent when it becomes waste product. Give a bit effort of yours to nature and the earth will become the healthiest place for all of us free form pollution and impurities.

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