Why Usage of Light Bricks are Important in Making of Multi Story Buildings

Foaming agent, this is basically used for making light bricks. Foaming agent is highly concentrated and efficient kind of liquid which is typically used for manufacturing of Light weight Concrete.


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Importance of foaming agent

Now day’s different types of infrastructure are building in all over the world. Multi story buildings are become very common in recent time. The main problem cause while making such multi story building is the weight of concrete, concrete is a very heavy material and it is used in almost every part of construction the only way to reduce this weight is by preferring the use of light weighted concrete instead of normal concrete. Walls, roofs and floor are the basic and most important parts of any residential infrastructure. And most of the contractors prefer to make thin walls due to lack of space especially in big cities, but the normal bricks size is broad so it becomes necessary to produce such kind of bricks that are light weighted and thin both.

Now the question arrives how?

The solution is: Use foaming agent and make such bricks which are durable, long-lasting and strong, in the same time light weighted as well. To make these kinds of bricks all you need is to take a generator which mix water compressed air and foaming agent for foam concrete together and form a fine paste of foam. Then take a mixer put cement and fly ash and mix it with water after this pour the fine foam in this mixture you will observe that the mixture will start becoming fluffy then release the thick batter of foaming agent, fly ash and cement on mould containers after the mixture settle down cut it with the help of wire in shape of bricks. Leave them for 3-4 days and the light weighted concrete bricks are ready to use.

Environment Friendly

As compared to previous decades now a day’s constructors are more serious towards making eco friendly infrastructure in major countries like US and UK it becomes compulsory to make eco friendly building. For making such kind of buildings it is important that the material using in such construction process should be atmosphere friendly.  Foaming agent for CLC is one of those techniques which produce environment friendly bricks.  It has been clearly mentioned by foaming agent manufacturer in India that these bricks are environment friendly and earthquake friendly as well.

Environment friendly in terms of the materials used to form bricks are not taken by any natural resource like the normal bricks are directly made up of the upper layer of our land which forms in decades. This will affect our soil.

Earthquake friendly: The reason behind this is as the bricks are light weighted the possibility of demolishing of structure when earthquake occurs becomes very less due to its light weight the structure will hang rather than falling down, and if in case the frequency of earthquake is high and the structure falls than also it results less harm to the peoples and surroundings due to its light weight.

Note: Using CLC foaming agent is beneficial for modern infrastructure due to its light weight property and eco friendly to atmosphere.

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