Benefits of using Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete

Foaming Agent is that thing which contains thickener to form suitable kind of bubbles, necessary porosity for CLC bricks. The formed bubbles are that much strong that they last till concrete becomes set. With the help of foaming agents a blanket of tiny bubbles formed.

Foaming agent is like a surfactant, if it is present in small amounts, it facilitates formation of foam, due to it the colloidal stability becomes enhance by coalescence of bubbles. Sodium laureth sulfate is a kind of detergent which is commonly found in various products of personal care. This is less expensive and it is very effective kind of foamer. A foaming agent is that material which in certain conditions will decompose gas to release gas mainly in very high temperature, which is normally used for turning liquid into foam. Let’s see an example, powdered titanium hydride or zirconium (ii) hydrides are commonly used as foaming agent for metal foam production, it decompose at elevated temperatures to form hydrogen and titanium gas.

Some major benefits of using foaming agent:

  • The technology is very easy for execution in any place.
  • It requires less skilled workforce and it deploys unskilled labour.
  • This is an environment friendly product, which neither waste any natural resources or it does not creates any kind of pollution which damages the atmospheric layer.
  • It is very economize in terms of energy consumption which directly affect the profit margin of project.
  • The result is faster in execution.
  • It is durable and comfortable and it is also weather-proof.
  • This is suitable or even we say it is best choice for using it for important and critical constructions like Earthquake –proof building and bridges etc.

There are various foaming agent manufacturers in India that are totally based on protein, with components of active enzyme concrete agent are used in making foam concrete or light concrete.

Procedure to make light or foam concrete:  First dilute the foaming agent in water after this with compressed air foam will produce in the concrete foam generator. The foam produced by this procedure is very stable kind of high quality and fine foam. The density and stability of foam is totally depending on the dilution of foam generator and its settings.

This kind of foaming agent for foam concrete that are completely based on protein gives very huge stability to the foam and it stand successfully in various different situations like casting, conveying, mixing, pouring during setting and in the process of hydration. Foaming agent for CLC does not cause any kind of chemical reaction on concrete instead it acts like a binding for air entrapped.

Use of foaming agent is good and even best in every possible way in any construction process.

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2 Responses to Benefits of using Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete

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  2. Ranjit Choudhury says:

    I need foam chemical to making light weight brick in our NIT Construction, so please kindly send me details about foam chemical and samples.

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