Foaming Agent For Cellular Lightweight Concrete- The Ultimate Building Material

Types of Foaming Agent

Foaming agent is a chemical which facilitates the process associated with foam formation. This chemical also enables form with the ability to support its veracity by providing strength to every bubble of the foam. The foaming agents can be categorized into two different parts namely synthetic and protein. Protein based foaming agent is commonly used for low density whereas synthetic foaming agent for Cellular Lightweight Concrete prominently used for higher densities. Foam is created by forcing the chemical, water and air by restriction and this may result in foam formation. Less energy is required for synthetic foam whereas protein foams need more energy. However, the energy required during foam formation plays an integral role in determining its quality.

Protein Based Foaming Agent

Protein based foaming agents are used to make light weight concrete and various other concrete materials. The foam does not produce any reaction and it just serves as an air trapped layer and forms no toxic or fumes. As already said protein based foaming agent requires more energy while making the foam. Raw materials such as Ca(OH)2 and NaHSO3 are used to make the protein based foaming agent. In order to improve the stability of the foaming agent, several kinds of surfactants and gels are used with it.

Synthetic Foaming Agent

Cellular lightweight concrete has extremely good potential that assists to structure the cellular light weight applications. However, if you are able to use the right category of foaming agents, you can experience a huge difference in products including the resistance and mechanical properties of the concrete. The synthetic foaming agent for Cellular Lightweight Concrete reduces the surface tension of the liquid and is highly used to make bricks, blocks and so forth. When compared to other foaming agents, synthetic foaming agents require less energy and it can be applied where high density is required.

Features Of Foaming Agent For CLC

The foaming agent for CLC is highly used in the constructional field where there is a maximum need for light weight concrete. CLC Industry produces stable and fine foam when it is diluted in water and processed in foam generator, especially with compressed air. The cellular light weight concrete is prepared by combining compressed air with non toxic liquid foaming agent. However, the stability and the density depend a lot on the dilution and settings of the foam generator. The cellular light weight concrete which is also known as foamed concrete or aerated concrete delivers absolute sustainable solution. In contrast to aerated concrete, heat is not applied while manufacturing CLC. Some major benefits of using foaming agent while manufacturing clc blocks or bricks.

When you search online, you can find a number of companies that manufacture and provide foaming agent for Cellular Lightweight Concrete at different price ranges. You should conduct in depth researches to find the best company that provide high quality foaming agent at affordable prices. These foaming agents are highly used in several industrial processes as well as in home constructions to provide a solid strength.

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Why Choosing Right Foundations is Necessary While Building Home



Well when it comes to home the most important thing which comes in anyone’s mind is the durability and strength of infrastructure which ensures the long life of it. Any buyer or builder will expect the building will last for decades and in a good condition as well. If we talk as a constructor it is important to figure out which kind of foundation is stronger which promises the long life of infrastructure also.

Here the question arrives what the term foundation means here and how many types of foundations are there.

Foundations for homes are of two types:

  1. Poured wall
  2. Precast foundation

It is important to understand which kind of foundation is best for building a home, here we will discuss in an explained way with comparison to figure out which one is best among two.

  • Poured Walls

As we all knows the fact that strong wall compliments a good infrastructure and it has one more use it makes partitions inside the structure. This technique is very much popular in olden times it is a traditional method. In this method efficiency is promoted highly it is normally used to make the basements.

  • Insulated Precast Foundation

This foundation is founded due to the need of more durable and easy to apply kind of foundation in the industry of construction. This foundation completes very fast as it is made up in factory. As it is made up in factory it does not have any kind of disturbance of weather or any other atmospheric effects which can hold the building process of pre casting the walls. It can be easily used on the bricks which are made up of foaming agent.

If you have two options for anything it is better to compare each other to make a better decision for making best kind of modular home for yourself. Here after comparing both kinds of foundation poured wall and precast foundation the analysis results that precast foundation is far much better and cost effective as compared to poured wall. It is always better to go with the best option to avoid any kind of troubles in future. The foundation is something which plays a wide role in making modular homes.

After discussing the factor of foundation what come next are bricks which make the infrastructure stronger. ‘Foaming agent’ it is a term which is highly recommended by manufacturers while making bricks. It is so because with the help of protein or synthetic foaming agent one can manufacture bricks that are light weighted, sound proof and eco friendly too.

Let’s discuss the benefits one by one:

Same as foundation bricks have its own importance in making infrastructure. While making a building or a dam or anything you need bricks they have a major role in it, either from strength, durability or long life point of view it is important from all aspects. Foaming agents have a vital role in making light weight bricks which are in huge trend in market because of their light weight and sound proof qualities.

While making a building or any infrastructure it is important to figure out right foundation and bricks to make a long lasting building.

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Follow HVAC Geothermal System to Make Green Home

Greem Home

Greem Home

The trend of going clean and green in terms of energy is grabbing attention all across the world mainly in the commercial world like residential apartments of buildings construction etc. It’s all the matter of lowering down the effects of carbon in atmosphere which gains due to numerous reasons such as electricity etc. Lowering the footprints of carbon is the main motive of eco friendly products or the concepts means exactly. This concept in the field of building infrastructure is also very well known as net zero homes which adopt specifications that contribute to lower down the carbon production from homes etc.

Other aspect which means a lot is to lower down the consumption of energy as much as possible or use any substitute which can be used instead of electricity. The energy which is produced by home the consumption should be less from that.

The issue while building infrastructure a perfect net zero home is it costs a lot so it is not possible for average homemakers to make such homes easily as it requires water harvesting system, water filtration system, solar energy converter system and all of this costs a lot. But there is a fact that it costs too much at once but it save thousand times later. Like if you have your own source of energy you don’t have to pay for electricity, if you have water harvesting system it will lower down you water expenses so it is better to calculate all these aspects and make net zero home instead of normal structures it will saves your money later and it contributes to a healthy atmosphere for lifetime.

While making a perfect eco friendly product it is all about using technologies in best possible way. Either applications or chemicals all should be apply properly and should examine well that they all are friendly to atmosphere or not. Like while making home use light weighted bricks which are made up with the help of foaming agent and due to its light weight if in case any kind of disaster occurs it will cause almost no amount of material plus land damage. You can find foaming agent manufacturers here who making products to help eco friendly environment. It is just an example you can use such chemicals or techniques which help in produce such products which are eco friendly and can contribute in making a net zero home.

A perfect eco friendly home is totally focused on most innovative techniques such as the living conditions should be dust free, it should follow the HVAC geothermal system, the quality of air should be maintained, envelope used should be tightly sealed etc. The focus point while making such infrastructure is to keep close eye on which kind of material is using in the process of construction. Another important point is to re use things a s much as possible for this you can recycle the products like you can use the used woods in other way you can use tiles and stones in a new way as well this is because it results low wastage and while making eco friendly building we also focus that we can’t waste any material or allow minimum wastage.

It becomes quite difficult to make an eco friendly home in low budget but if you look future wise it will save huge amount so it’s better to invest once and when you know that you are contributing to your earth’s atmosphere as well.

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Benefits of Adopting Techniques and Chemicals in Brick Manufacturing

CLC Bricks Manufacturing Process

CLC Bricks Manufacturing Process

The world which is developing by every passing second and technologies are kept on updating by every passing day. It becomes mandatory for all of us to update our self and adopt new techniques in form of machines or chemicals in construction process. As the industry has rapid growth so as the requirement of perfection increases and to make things perfect what’s better than chemicals and machineries which can shape your ways more innovatively and in a better way.

Here we are talking about bricks which are one of the most important parts of construction. Market is full with variety of bricks which people can pick according to their need & budgets here we will tell you how you can make bricks at you place with less efforts and money.

Firstly you have to decide whether you choose to make CLC blocks or simple cement bricks it is necessary to differentiate with your priorities because both concrete and cement have a slight difference which makes the bricks a bit different as well and affects the making procedure also.

If you are not much aware about the differences between concrete and cement we will help you out in finding out and understanding it as well.

While you want to understand the principal or basics of cement & concrete’s technology it is very necessary to understand its terminology first. Both concrete and cement are different from various expects but at so many places both of them are used interchangeably. While cement is a powder while concrete is hard and solid material. When cement mix with water and used on the exterior places it is known as stucco and I it the same paste is used in interior places known as plaster. However a harder one when mixed with air water and other things and forms a harder substance is called as concrete.

After discussing the differences now let us concentrate on how you can make pavers, tiles and bricks easily.

You can easily make these bricks and tiles at your place all what matters importantly is the temperature. The place where you suppose to manufacture bricks should be above from freezing point and the humidity present in air should be maintained otherwise it will affect the bricks and tiles directly or indirectly. It is necessary to mix foaming agent to make light weighted bricks. Once the concrete is mixed well in mixture add foaming agent for CLC block in it which is a kind o foam, it comes in powder form when mix with compressed air (through Foam Generator ) forms foam which mixes with concrete to form bricks.

Foaming agent for brick is a chemical which is easily available in market it has some useful qualities which makes the quality bricks differ from ordinary bricks. The main qualities which matters in any place is the sound proof and light weighed, bricks which are made by adding foaming agents in them have these two mentioned qualities which make them more valuable as compared to others.

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Chemicals Are Adding a New Definition to Construction



Time passes and things change, it’s a natural way of moving ahead in this world. But in last few decades things and technologies change in a vital way & they redefine the existing culture of doing anything.

‘Construction’ a field that adopt change widely, accept it and put every possible effort to make all the hefty & tit-bit infrastructure of this world beautiful, attractive and comfortable in every possible way. From machineries to chemicals all the things are playing small or major but a unique role in the field of construction. As here we are talking about ‘Technologies’ it may be anything from a small spraying tool to a mixture machine or JCB, from a powdered foaming agent to ready mix plaster all these things comes under the section of technology, which is changing our world by every passing second. Technology also plays a very vital role in saving the natural resources of our earth. By adopting some new and very advanced technologies you can save the cost of your project and simultaneously you can also play a very huge role in saving atmosphere. For example: if you are using eco-friendly items in making infrastructure, if in case building get demolished due to some natural disaster or due to any other reason all the material will fall on the earth surface, but as the building is made up of eco-friendly materials it will cause no harm to earth surface and atmosphere both because by passing time it will mix with the earth surface and the place will become useful again for any further usage.

Why it becomes necessary to adopt the concept of Green-Building’s & eco-friendly materials in construction?

As per studies and researches of highly experienced professions it has been proved that whatever energy has been consumed by the whole world it’s 40% is completely consumed by different kinds of infrastructure across the globe which results it contributes almost approximately 24% carbon dioxide to the earth’s atmosphere, which plays a very vital role in causing of global warming and damaging the layer of ozone. By knowing the fact that ozone layer is already damaged and it is affecting more and more by every passing day. Experts suggested the big builders to adopt such technologies which reduce the usage of electricity inside the building so that it outpours less amount of carbon dioxide to atmosphere and due to which the chances and harmful effects of global warming will become less in upcoming years. As due to the usage of electricity our atmosphere is damaging rapidly we should find such solutions and technologies which can replace electricity’s work and cause less or no damage to atmospheric layer.

How to reduce the usage of electricity?

We are in such era where almost all the things from a bulb to nuclear weapons each thing is directly or indirectly depends on electricity & in such situations reducing its usage is almost a next to impossible kind of task. But when it becomes need everything is possible through human’s innovation power. As the demands increasing experts invent such things which can replace electricity but gives same power of energy.

Such as bio-gas plants and solar energy equipments, both play a very huge role in avoiding the usage of electricity. Let’s understand how?

Bio-gas plants: it’s an old technique which is very common in the villages of India, the procedure a well, wastage to animals to make bio-gas. This gas is very useful for cooking and it can also illuminate few bulbs. This is a complete eco-friendly process which contributes a lot in saving electricity.

Solar-energy: This technology can easily replace the usage of electricity in almost all the fields. Now a day’s different kind of solar equipments has been introduced through which you can cook food, you can also warm water, you can run machines and even mills etc. which requires huge amount of energy to run. In recent time the field of solar technology improves very rapidly as its demands increase rapidly due to its eco friendly nature. All what requires for running solar equipment is sunlight once your solar equipment is fully charged you can also use it when it’s dark but first it requires sunlight to charge itself & become able to replace electricity.

What is the role of chemicals in construction to save the atmosphere?    

‘Chemicals’ in recent time it is one of the very important of you can call it a key substance which can change the definition of construction. In earlier times construction was hefty and time consuming but in recent times it has been changed in a viral manner, with the use of chemicals things become easy and fast to execute. Earlier if an infrastructure needs about 1 year to complete, same infrastructure can be easily completed in 2-3 months with the help of chemicals. Right use of chemicals can give a fine & professional finish to infrastructure and simultaneously it can reduce the completion time of project as well.

Through chemicals you can make such bricks which are eco-friendly and sound proofs both. Such kinds of bricks are known as light weight CLC bricks. These bricks are eco friendly because of its light weight. When any kind of demolition happens with the infrastructure the bricks falls on ground and breaks in such a way that they mix with the surface of earth.

With the help of chemicals you can save water as well. Here the question arrives how? Well every construction needs curing specially the cemented and concrete surfaces and for curing huge amount of water required. Which are obliviously a natural resource and its wastage affects atmosphere defiantly. With the help of curing compounds you can avoid the use of water and cure the surface in a better and eco-friendly way. With chemical curing you don’t have to worry about the strength and durability or any further possibilities of surface cracks. It will give you exactly the same result as water curing.

We have suggested in this article that how chemicals are important in construction such as foaming agent etc and in which way they play a strong role in saving the atmosphere. Some leading foaming agent manufacturer in India playing a vital role to save atmosphere. We also discussed about the issues of global warming & how buildings affects the layer of atmosphere due to the excess usage of electricity. We give few examples which you can use to replace with electricity.

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Why Quality Bricks Are Necessary

Quality Bricks

LightWeight Bricks

Bricks! They are the major part of construction as the cement, concrete and sand has their specific roles so as bricks. They are majorly used for making walls and pillars inside the building of any residential apartment, bungalow or in public places like shopping complexes, malls, airport etc. As the places and structure of building differs the size and material of bricks also differ. In rural areas where still people are using bricks that are made up of sand and soil for making their huts in their village areas while in urban areas people start caring about their atmosphere and nature a lot so they prefer bricks that are eco friendly in nature or which does not cause any kind of harm affect to land, people and surroundings. As the old bricks are made up by sand and soil or you can say with the mixing of upper layer of land and water mix together and for a paste which put on wooden molds and put it for 1-2 week in direct sunlight and then they use it but eco friendly bricks which are using now days in urban area are made up with the chemical which is known through the term foaming agents. Through mixing fly ash particular amount of cement and exact amount of foaming agent in a mixing machine with compressed air a foamy better formed which after dying of 3-4 days in direct sunlight becomes ready to use.

Why usage of eco-friendly items become necessary:

Our atmospheric layer is damaging day by day and this does not happen within a blink from decades we all are damaging our protecting layer (the ozone layer) by one way or other. We are responsible for this drastic atmospheric damage which causes a major issue- global worming in our earth. Either by burning plastic or demolishing building and dumping its waste in rivers and lakes all this contributes in huge way for damaging or nature. Usage of plastic bags instead of paper bags, pouring chemical waste of industries in natural water resources, unwanted usage of electricity, wastage of natural resources like coal etc and the list go on and on it is never ending. Avoid wastage of natural resources, make such plant where chemicals and recycled and make new one from the waste by putting innovative ideas.

Buildings and industries are the vital sources which are polluting our nature use eco-friendly items while making building like light weight bricks & blocks which are made through foaming agent or follow the concept of green building so you can deliver your best contribution to nature. While for industries try to recycle each and everything, before manufacturing any chemical or any product plan a strategy and analyze which products you use while manufacturing can act as a good agent when it becomes waste product. Give a bit effort of yours to nature and the earth will become the healthiest place for all of us free form pollution and impurities.

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How to Build Perfect Infrastructure by Avoiding Few Major Mistakes

Building Infrastructure

Image Source :

Construction, it is a term in which various different works perform with various different techniques, machines and materials to build a complete structure of anything from bridges to dams, tunnels or huge infrastructure such as malls, residential apartments and so on. The main thing which decides the durability and life of any structure is the material used in it and the technique which is used in applying that material these two things plays vital or in other words the most important role is of these two. In the process of construction it is very important to see that the things are applying in right manner with good quality.

Some basic things take in mind while making building

There are few factors which should never ignore when you are making high-tech infrastructures some are as follows:

  • While making building or any other structure first makes a blue print about the size and its looks.
  • Complete analysis of land where structure is supposed to be made about the land and its atmosphere because if you don’t analyze it well you will face huge problems while making the structure
  • Collect a good knowledge of surrounding areas of land and check the available resources in nearby areas.
  • Always prefer to purchase all the materials from near areas it will reduce the transportation cost and you can always exchange the goods if they are not as per your standards.
  • Use only high quality cement, bricks etc. Check the sand before use.
  • Prefer the use of light weight bricks which is made up with the help of cement fly ash and a chemical named foaming agent here . Use these bricks while making walls inside the buildings, malls and residential apartments don’t use it while making dams etc.
  • Hire a professional person for designing the interior of your infrastructure it will give a perfect look to your building and saves your money as well.

Always remember the above mentioned point while making any kind of infrastructure use technologies, implement the ideas well prefer innovative work, always try to make such building which never harms or damage the atmosphere at any cost. Put unique ideas to make buildings eco-friendly. Make buildings in such manner that the consumption of light becomes less due to natural light and water cannot be waste in any way in building.

Making infrastructure is not about make something which is full with comfort and looks perfect in every possible way, but a best infrastructure is one which consumes less material, does not damage atmosphere and nature while construction. Pay huge attention while construction so that no mistake can spoil your structure.

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